Although I know we still have a long way to go, we are doing our bit in order to be a more sustainable business and to look after our beautiful earth.

As we are a slow fashion label our garments are mainly made to order, reducing the waste created by fast fashion companies with excess stock lying around. We are big believers in QUALITY over QUANTITY!

We hand cut out each garment and use up every bit of fabric as much as possible! It's a big ol' game of tetris! Any suitable fabric scraps left over we bundle up into our 'Fabric scrap bags' for you lovelies to get creative and have some fun with!

When packaging your orders we try to reduce the use of plastics.... the only plastic you'll find is when we receive the beautiful accessories protected and packaged by our lovely accessory makers... and if we ever receive bubble wrap we will re use it to protect your parcels and we encourage you to re use it as well!

Our clothing is carefully wrapped in our custom 'noissue' eco-friendly tissue paper which can be re used if you unwrap it carefully, and packaged in 'HERO PACKS'™️ which are 100% COMPOSTABLE, cut them up and put them in your home compost!

Our accessories will sometimes come packaged in a pretty cardboard box, please re use these too! Use them for storage or give them to a little one to get crafty with!

We will include a business card or thank you & care instruction card with your orders... hang on to them and if you have a few give them to a friend or keep them in your pocket when you wear your pretty parcel outfits for when you get stopped by a stranger to ask where your fabulous outfit is from... because this will happen!