Sizing info

Measurements are provided for each individual product so please take note of the measurements provided for the style you are interested in as they can differ between styles.

Here are our standard measurements as a guide to fit:
6 ~ Bust: 82cm. Waist: 67cm. Hips: 92cm.
8 ~ Bust: 87cm. Waist: 72cm. Hips: 97cm.
10 ~ Bust: 92cm. Waist: 77cm. Hips: 102cm.
12 ~ Bust: 97cm. Waist: 82cm. Hips: 107cm.
14 ~ Bust: 102cm. Waist: 87cm. Hips: 112cm.
16 ~ Bust: 107cm. Waist: 92cm. Hips: 117cm.
18 ~ Bust: 112cm. Waist: 97cm. Hips: 122cm.
20 ~ Bust: 117cm. Waist: 102cm. Hips: 127cm.

How to take your measurements:
*All measurements should be taken firm but not too tight.
*We recommend wearing what you would normally wear underneath the garment you are wanting to purchase.
For example if you are purchasing a top/ dress and would normally only wear underwear underneath then take your measurements only wearing underwear.
If you are purchasing a pinafore and would normally wear a t-shirt underneath then take your measurements over a t-shirt.

Bust: Place the tape measure around your body over the largest part of your bust.

Waist: Breathe out naturally before taking this measurement. Place the tape measure around your body over the smallest part of your waist.

Hips: Place the tape measure around your body over the largest part of your hips.

If you don't have access to a tape measure, use a piece of string to wrap around your body and then use a ruler to measure the piece of string.

Although we take a lot of time and care in hand cutting and sewing each garment, as our items are handmade please note their may be a slight variance in the actual measurements for each garment.

If you have any questions regarding sizing feel free to message us via the 'Contact us' tab.