About us

Pretty parcel was created in 2010 by Melbourne based fashion designer Shannon Kenny.
Shannon is a mum to two cute boys one fur and one human, she wishes it was Summer all year around, Christmas is her favourite time of year, she loves painting her nails and drinking hot tea, she has a massive sweet tooth, enjoys camping, loves DIY and home organisation. Shannon is obsessed with colour and finds so much joy in designing and creating high quality fun and bright fashion to brighten your day.
After completing an advanced diploma in Textiles, clothing and footwear, Shannon has built her mini fashion empire and wears many hats in her biz including designer, pattern maker, cutter, sewer, marketer, packager, administrator, you get the drill… all from her home studio on the Mornington peninsula in Victoria.

Shannon is a bit of a perfectionist and thrives on creating high quality clothing that will last season after season and styles that never go out of style!
She believes more is more and you should dress every day like it’s your birthday!
“Colour surrounds my world and I think the power of a colourful outfit really can change the way that you feel”.
We are big believers in QUALITY over QUANTITY!
Our fabulously fun garments are hand made in Australia in limited numbers and the majority are made to order especially for you,  so that we can avoid the mass produced cookie cutter look and environmental impact of fast fashion. We pride ourselves on being a slow fashion business.

Our mission is to make Women feel happy and confident, and who don't mind being stopped by people in the street to receive a compliment!
We believe that you should always wear what you want at any age!

Pretty parcel offers lovingly handmade clothing and accessories from around Australia. Collaborating with other Aussie businesses is a passion of ours bringing you unique and fabulous collections with all the matchy matchy outfits.

Receiving a pretty parcel in the mail is like receiving and opening a present to yourself, and why shouldn’t you treat yourself! Browse our online store for your favourite print before it sells out!